Top tips on how to improve your study environment

It’s September! Geared up and suitcases packed, you have embarked on one of the most pivotal journey of your life. You are ready to study hard and totally committed to your chosen subject. Juggling your coursework, social life and expectations is time consuming! You have read every blog on what to expect from uni life, but have you thought of how to make your new space seriously work hard for you? Because my brave people, having the right environment can go a long way.

Nature inspired interiors

As a freelancer, I have the pleasure of choosing my working space. Even though my office is organised, full of colour and items to keep me focused, I often opt for a different setting just to keep me on my toes. Sofa, dining table, coffee shop … Little Greene paint company showroom at Chelsea …. what? 

Could not resist this kind of invitation, especially the posh side of London, so I accepted the challenge to open everyone’s eyes to what Nature inspired interiors actually looks like.

You mean, how to bring outdoors in? This is such an old term, we can rephrase that, something like …. let’s stretch out the positive feeling we get whilst outside, profit from the happy memories we share with nature or even take advantage from the mental stimulation fresh air has on us. Sounds better.

The Easter story on your table

What styling type are you? Whether or not the focus of this Easter Sunday 21.4.2019 is food or just lovely company, you can make the smallest tweaks to create a table to host the loveliest Sunday roast or brunch.                                                                          

Enjoy these 5 different looks to tempt you to make your table look like a pro and I look forward to hearing what your Easter table is going to look like this year.