The Easter story on your table

The Easter story on your table

What styling type are you?

Exotic, traditional, contemporary, something a little different or part animal.

Easter 2019 @ The Emerald lounge

Easter story on your table

What styling type are you?

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Whether or not the focus of this Easter Sunday 21.4.2019 is food or just lovely company, you can make the smallest tweaks to create a table to host the loveliest Sunday roast or brunch.

Enjoy these 5 different looks to tempt you to make your table look like a pro and I look forward to hearing what your Easter table is going to look like this year. You have your spring inspired table cloth, bone china, vintage ivory cutlery, a cut glass vase with tulips looking fresh, but how about the small touches.

You know what they say - the devil is in the detail. It’s all about clever styling, fresh colours and chocolate eggs. Definitely the eggs. But how about that all important colour splash? Anything from intricate design lace to cool slate table mats. Let’s work with all 5 senses this weekend.

Candles for the sense of smell, flowers for touch, colour for the eyes, good food for the taste buds and laughter for the ears. I am sure if you send your children on a hunt for any supplies around your home, they will surprise you one way or another.

Here are 5 easy styles to put together from traditional yellow and greens to more exotic foliage and copper metals. Read on and start planning and once you have decided which direction you want to take, go foraging for fresh foliage or visit your local market for abundance of structured grasses and frivolous flowers.

1. Exotic gold and green - this is my personal favourite as it plays on your imagination in a way nobody expects. Easter is such a traditional holiday, we often feel we have to conform but what about something a little different? So here is a gold sparkly runner with old brass candle holder, tropical foliage and a succulent. Low plants and flower arrangement have the advantage of being nice and short so your guests can see across the table to engage in a faraway travel conversation. Oh this scheme is almost colonial!

Photo courtesy of The Emerald lounge

Photo courtesy of The Emerald lounge

2. Contemporary copper and green - let me show you something different. Copper may not be the on trend metal, but I love using it for its warmth. It looks stunning against the rustic dining table taking the contemporary look up a notch. And if you just don’t have the time to paint your eggs, leave them in their natural egg shell looking brown, white or speckled.

Contemporary copper and green.png

3. Traditional yellow and greens - nothing beats the sunny bunch of daffodils or tulips. Isn’t that what spring is all about? A fresh start, new beginnings and slow return to feeling like a human again? This is a fool proof colour scheme that anyone can pull off. Fresh linen table cloth, plenty of green and don’t forget the candles. There are some amazing herb scented beauties out there like coriander, lavender and rosemary to name but a few.

Traditional yellow and green.png

4. All white and colour of your choice - the freshest of them all! It’s great to have a crisp table cloth on which everything looks clean and perfect for the new beginnings that spring has in store. Do remember the all-important texture and introducing various shades of white will help too. So if you are aiming for fresh flowers, choose a variety in texture to keep the innocent look lingering for longer. I used a bright orange wide ribbon in this image but this colour scheme is the easiest one to put together where you quite simply add any contrasting accessory you already have in your home.

Photo courtesy of The Emerald lounge

Photo courtesy of The Emerald lounge

5. Soft ice cream blush pink, apricot and sage green - the jolliest of them all! This colour scheme with the fairy lights just screams for a delicate Easter wreath. But, if you are short of time, why don’t you make your table one big jolly affair. The use of pom-poms add to the playfulness and your kids will crown you the best mum in the world. Mismatched china is allowed, table games at the ready and, if you feel you want to mix your coarse linen table cloth with slate place mats, you are instantly putting that relaxed feel for everyone to soak up. Memorable family time for everyone.

Soft pinks, apricots and sage green.png

So here you have it.

Everyone’s table can look amazing with the smallest tweaks and a trip to your local park or a field to collect the most unusual shapes that will add that wow factor to your Easter table is only the start. Have a lovely time and make most out of the chocolate!