Top tips on how to improve your study environment

Top tips on how to improve your study environment

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From the colour of your desk to small space storage ideas

It’s September! Geared up and suitcases packed, you have embarked on one of the most pivotal journeys of your life. You are ready to study hard and totally committed to your chosen subject. Juggling your coursework, social life and expectations is time consuming! You have read every blog on what to expect from uni life, but have you thought of how to make your new space work seriously hard for you? Because my brave people, having the right environment can go a long way.

Small space saving solutions

Let’s talk about how to enhance your accommodation. Is it on a small side? Probably. Then any space saving solutions will be your best friend. Use every alcove, wall between doors, side of kitchen units, above doors and the back of the door too. You won’t have any space for clutter.

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Does colour have anything to do with the way you study?

YES! As you know, colour affects our mood and performance. When you need your brain to be receptive, alert and ready to absorb text and remember it, you need to use appropriate colours.

Analysing colour is a great tool to learn how to treat your space.

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YELLOW represents emotional strength and optimism so putting a plant in a yellow pot will put a big smile on your face every time you sit at your desk.

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RED calls for action, energy and determination, no surprises there but keep it to minimum. A red pencil case will do.

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ORANGE is a great choice for brain storming sessions, stimulating creativity and endurance. An orange chair anyone?

In summary, these are the needs for any effective study space.

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Your desk

Make it wood. Why? Wood is great to touch, it invites you to sit down and grounds you. It brings comfort and memories of time spent outdoors. But what if you have a laminate writing desk? Find a piece of reclaimed wood and place it on top.

If wood is out of question, make your desk brown. Brown is colour of reliability and stability, wholesomeness and honesty. You will sit at your desk for a few years now, make it count.


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No artificial light can ever replace the natural daylight but when you need to flick the switch, layering your lighting will be the key. Here lies the power of effective lighting!

Relying on one ceiling pendant will not be sufficient so adding task lighting for individual tasks for example reading in bed or working hard at your desk will be paramount. There are some great products on the market offering different level of brightness which means you can choose how bright your light needs to be depending on how late it is. Task lighting can be in form of a floor lamp too so no excuses.

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Finishing touches

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You are likely to spend a lot of time in your little apartment/bedroom so bringing calm into your space can be done by using natural materials. A cosy floor rug will make the start of each day joyous, picture frames reminding you of the good times and DREAM BIG jar for all your wishes and dreams.

Avoid plastic, yes it’s cheap but not great to give you connection with the real world. Be resourceful and think sustainability.

Night after night, party after party. Distractions, new friendship circles. Piles of dirty dishes and half eaten pizza describes just the first week.

Be kind to yourself and good luck!

Jana x

Nature inspired interiors

Nature inspired interiors