Colour and Concept

You may have just discovered the masterclass for you.

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Join me and be part of a rather exciting and colourful experience.


An invisible connection between colour and concept is one of the first building blocks upon which you can build any incredible scheme. This is the first step.

This masterclass will answer…


I have been so impressed by your kitchen design and want to make mine as cozy as I spend a lot of the time cooking.
I realised that colour was so important. My husband wants to go for all white and gloss finishes which I now realise are the NO NO.


- Guljeet - masterclass attendee -

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Tiring of grey? Bored of using white everywhere? Need some oomph adding back into your interiors but not sure where to start when it comes to colour?

I would love you to learn become a confident chooser of colour for your home with my Colour and Concept class in the pretty town of Saffron Walden.

If you’re planning a renovation, wanting to revamp your kitchen or just fancy a switch-up in your sitting room, come join me for a fun two hour workshop where I’ll share my secrets to using colour confidently in your home.

I’ll teach you exactly what makes colour work and help you to confidently choose the hues that call to you and crucially, understand the science behind why they work together to create magic. Colour influences our emotions, behavior so getting under the skin of colour psychology will uncover a very colourful story for you and your family.

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In a nutshell, it is the what, where, who and how questions you probably know the answers to but did you know this is the perfect point where you need to start associating colour with each space?

This might be the reason why you still have not nailed your dream colour scheme.

Designers call this process “mind reading” and as it is often the case YOU know the answers already. With guidance from me, you will soon be putting dream colour schemes together like a pro.

With so much inspiration out there it has become increasingly difficult to workout through hundreds of options but following a simple strategy, it really is quite joyful process.


The colour and concept session was exactly what I needed to begin my decorating journey.

The Emerald Lounge is a hidden gem. 

Jana is approachable, knowledgeable, supportive and warm.  The session was informative and interactive; Jana shares so much wisdom and insight. I have much more confidence to make some bold, yet informed, decorating decisions.



How about a unique CHRISTMAS PRESENT? Get in touch and a personalized gift box ready to put under your xmas tree containing all the information will be on your way soon.

You are one step away to learn how to harness the confidence in making colour choices for your home.
“What a wonderful way to spend my Saturday! Jana has given me the tools and opened up my ideas so I can go ahead and create my own space with confidence. We all came away with our mood boards and a spring in our step! I’ve realised my home needs a little more of my own personality and I can’t wait to get started. Thank you Jana. X”
— - L.G. masterclass attendee -

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