Colour & Concept

An invisible connection between colour and concept is one of the first building blocks upon which you can build any incredible scheme. This is the first step.

This masterclass will answer those

“WHERE DO I EVEN START?” questions.

Dates will be released soon

Think with your colourfull mind.

Think with your colourfull mind.

In a nutshell, it is the what, where, who and how ……questions you probably know the answers to but did you know this is the perfect point when you need to start associating colour with each space?

This might be the reason why you still have not nailed your dream colour scheme.

We call this process “mind reading” and as it is often the case YOU know the answers already so with guidance from me you will soon be putting colour schemes together like a pro.

You are one step away to learn how to harness the confidence in making colour choices for your home.