Announcing a new approach to interiors in shape of a 4 hour masterclass.

The Emerald lounge puts stop to any more wondering and over analyzing about your next decision or a purchase. We offer you a solution in form of a 4 hour Mood board masterclass. Imagine if you had the confidence and the tools to create the perfect interior for YOUR OWN space.

You will find all it takes to design the perfect room that suits you. I will break down the design process into sections from being brave with colour, the importance of texture, pattern and proportions. That is not all, we will talk about how to achieve the desired feel for each room in detail, finding your style, repair mistakes and celebrate successes too. Take it as guidance of things a designer would use when working with a client.

Book yourself a Design masterclass and hear tips, tricks and secret weapons why it’s better to mix not match and why opposites attract. Discover how to create tactile and eye catching spaces during a presentation where you will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to create an intriguing environment inspired by nature and your memories. I will share all I know. Implementing the game changing rules could not be easier by developing your own mood board applying all you learnt during our time at The Emerald lounge


So come along and allow yourself to dive into the world of positive design in these 3 simple steps.

-          Follow your HEART. Isn’t that what they say? You will love the seasonal personality feature. This will help you understand why you shop in certain shops and why you like certain colours and styles.

-          Be YOURSELF. You choose what rules you want to follow from the input I have ready for you. We will cover everything from colour, pattern, texture, small rooms as well as open spaces. You will hear all I know about each room and how to achieve beautiful and functional space you crave. Is it flooring, lighting or finishing touches you are unsure about? We have that covered too. This is the most informative part in the workshop so be ready for a lot to digest. Find your ultimate confidence being hands on creating your own mood board.

-          Be BRAVE. I want you to embrace all material from fabric, wood, glass, wicker, marble, brass, leather, linen and endless library of images that will help you star a journey to a space where you feel HOME.

So what is your dream decorating scheme?

Think brilliant,


bright positive designs.

Interior design is at your fingertips, at last!


Why mood boarding


Inspo page


come along and become your own designer

I welcome you at our well lived home which showcases all I believe in. You will find perfect examples of why nature matters and how to incorporate it in our everyday lives. I truly believe that anyone can achieve a well balanced interior with a sprinkling of confidence and a table full of resources. Let me help you discover, guide you and introduce you to the exciting world of interior design.