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Wellness warriors retreat @ Hockwold hall, Norfolk 11.-12.5.2019

I had the pleasure to accompany Jen and Lynsey - true warriors - on their journey to bring peace and tranquility to a bunch of lucky ladies. A two day retreat full of reconnecting not only with our bodies through pilates, yoga and meditation but also with nature and appreciating the fine things in life like TIME. I was delighted to give talks on how we can help our well-being and mental health just by opening our eyes to using nature patterns in our interiors. So how easy is it to design our spaces according to principals of nature? Whether residential, retail or office spaces, we all seek happier, healthier, more creative lives. I am a great advocate of green in any form starting with the most obvious - plants! They are linked to better productivity, quicker recovery from mental fatigue and even a few seconds break from your computer screen and gazing at something green like a plant on your desk, will restore the ability to focus. Fancy installing a living wall anyone?

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Jana opened my eyes to so many possibilities in terms of colour for myself and also my home. It has made me notice colour and use it more in my everyday life.
— - Dr B. - public attendee
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