Announcing a new approach to interiors

in shape of a 4 hour masterclass.

The Emerald lounge puts a stop to any wondering over your next decision or a purchase regarding interior design. We can offer you a solution in the form of a 4 hour mood board masterclass. We can give you the confidence and the tools to create the perfect interior for YOUR OWN home.

You will learn all that it takes to design the perfect room that suits you. We will break the design process down into sections from being brave with colour choice, the importance of texture, pattern and proportions. We will talk about how you can achieve the desired feel for each of you rooms in detail, finding your style, correcting mistakes and celebrating successes too. You will also learn how to help, understand and design for a client.

Book yourself a design masterclass with me and hear tips, tricks and secret weapons as to why it’s better to mix - not match, and why opposites attract. Discover how to create tactile and eye catching spaces, be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to create an intriguing environment inspired by nature and your memories. We will share all we know with you. Implementing game changing rules could not be easier while developing your own, well designed mood board by applying all you will learn during your time at The Emerald lounge


Fantastic interior design at your fingertips!