Why mood boarding?



Come along and allow yourself to dive into the world of positive design with 3 simple steps.

-          Follow your HEART. You will love my seasonal personality feature. This will help you understand why you shop in certain shops and why you like certain colours and styles.

-          Be YOURSELF. You choose what rules you want to follow from the help I have ready for you. We will cover everything from colour, pattern, texture, flooring, lighting, finishing touches, small rooms and open spaces. You will hear all I know about each room and how to achieve a beautiful and functional space. This is the most informative part in the workshop, so be ready for a lot to get noted down! Find your ultimate confidence in being hands on with creating your own mood board.

-          Be BRAVE. I want you to embrace all material from fabric to wood, glass to wicker, marble to brass and a seemingly endless library of helpful images that will help you embark on a journey to a space where you feel at HOME.

Think brilliant

Think bold

Think bright positive designs

Mood board is an important tool in crystallizing your vision.


What is included?

become your own interior designer

All material for the session except those that you want to include. Any images of existing soft furnishings, decorative objects, art and so on. It would be helpful if you brought any images of these printed so we can incorporate them in your design.

There will be fabric & wallpaper samples, paint charts, inspiring images, ribbons, metal and wood samples, decorative pins…

We aim to bring all 5 senses to our mood board so seasonal foliage and dry flowers will also be available.

Upon registering, you will be sent a guide where you find all details of how to prepare before attending.

You will be part of an intimate group.

Coffee break and light refreshment. We will work hard.

You will take your project home with you.

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus
— Mark Twain