Mim Headshot.jpg

A few hints to help you to get to know me a bit:


The basics I can’t live without:

Cross-fit, summer and sun, G&T, my friends. In any order.

Inspiration comes from:

Shop windows, exotic books, podcasts and chats with strangers.


Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you for visiting our website and recognition of what is achievable at The Emerald lounge. Here is a little bit about the brains behind the brand.

Working in architects office for 5 years in my early 20 and loving the life of precision of technical drawings (no AutoCad then!), it was a seamless transition to interiors. My obsession drove me to undertake Diploma in interior design a few years ago which sealed the deal. I have taken every experience from working in the industry and embarked on this exciting journey empowering anyone who is interested in learning how to design their own beautiful space.

In a nut shell, I believe in nature being the core of every one of us. I cover the connection between us and our environment in my presentation and hope you will too see the reasons behind the choices I made in creating our family home.

Our choices of what we put into our spaces directly affect our well being and mood.

The reason I get up in the morning:

My children.

Without them, my life would be very quiet - and who would want that.

 My mission:

To get you, lovely people, confident and have adventures with colour, pattern and texture! Let me spread the love for interiors.

 I’d like to keep doing for the rest of my life: 

Making new friends, inspiring people and encouraging all young people that they have the power! All that with a smile.

If you are still in doubt about who you are about to meet, here it is in one sentence.

Short hair, thirsty heart, ultra- expressive mind with interpersonal skills. Some say a firecracker, would you believe it!