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Hey there, I’m Jana,

A self confessed colour lover who is on a mission show people like you ,how to make the interiors of their dreams through one-on-one interior design consultations and moodboard masterclasses.

I used to work in an office, surrounded by four walls that were anything that inspiring, but the role I filled in an architect’s office was fabulous. I loved the idea of creating spaces for people to enjoy and it and made me realise how powerful interiors could be. So I grabbed my trusty pens, paper and gumption and headed off to get my diploma in interior design and haven’t looked back since.

Twenty years on and now a wife, mother and cross-fit fanatic, you’ll now find me enthusing about colour and nature in interiors, using this powerful combination to help my clients find their confidence in colour with my talks, masterclasses and interior design services.

My style is certainly not for the beige lovers among you, neutrals have their place of course, but I’m a champion of colour. It has the power to create emotion and connection, elevate your mood and keep you grounded - so if you’re on board with colour but not sure how to use it in your home, I’d love to get to know you better.

I match my affinity for bold colour combinations with Biophillic design - the belief that by connecting our homes and spaces to nature we can enhance our well-being. Whether that’s bringing in physical pops of fresh greenery to help set a tone or being inspired by a colour palette in nature, it’s how I create a harmonious, yet vibrant space for my own family, I want them to feel uplifted, secure and happy in their home and it’s what I’d like for you too.

Not only is Jana such a vibrant, passionate, inspiring person but she is also a fabulous public speaker. I felt like she opened my eyes to so many possibilities in terms of colour for myself and also my home.
— Dr Bella - Talk attendee
Another one in the bag.....moodboard, that is. Slide to see the second image and happy to say that more ladies came away today with more than they expected. 
We had a kitchen extension which is in the planning stages so a perfect time to talk about lighting and finishes like worktop and flooring options. 
The next project was a bedroom that was not touched for quite some time.so in need of a major makeover.

And as part of my input is how to deal with a whole house, the ladies agreed it won't be much longer before they have to start thinking about the rest of their homes now they know how 👏. So with this being the last masterclass until September, watch out for more dates released later in the month or just simply sign up for newsletters, updates and special offers over on the website.
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Sound like you?

I combine colour and nature into my schemes and create spaces for people who want to feel cosseted by their home, make a soothing sanctuary and never, ever be bland. I want to teach you the skills to not only chose your schemes, but deliver them with confidence and creativity.

Imagine being able to plan a scheme from start to finish, being confident the colour palette your chose will work, knowing the textiles you’ve picked will make each other sing and feeling sure you’re not spending your hard earned money on expensive mistakes.

You know, it’s already in you, the way I see it is I‘m here to help draw it out.

If this has tempted you to find out more why not join me for a masterclass or pop along to one of my talks, you can see where I’ll be speaking on my events page

Want to be part of it?

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Colour and Concept masterclass


Dining room - how hard does your dining room has to work in your home ? 
This is the hardest working room in our household but 5 months after moving back in our Saffron Walden home, I can proudly confirm it does ALL the things we need it to do. And the list is long!

it has to have enough "spirit"  to show what our family is all about as it leads directly from the hall, exciting enough for  entertaining, organised with plenty of storage for my masterclasses,
moody for different parts of the day and if that was not enough it is also a walk through to the kitchen. Oh and the second TV is there too for the odd family disagreement about what we watch on TV in the living room! 
This room used to be a family living room before the renovation and with a north facing aspect , deep teal painted walls worked a treat. But as the layout of the home changed , it no longer suits dark walls ( 🙄 ) so with thinking cap on, I had to let go of my ambition of dramatic dining room and opt for lighter walls with dark painted built in unit.
It works a treat and I satisfied my craving for dark interiors as well as keeping the feel of the room fresh and light. And as for evenings when we need a bit of a mood, I just play with my various lighting circuits 😂 . That's when the room really comes alive! 
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